ENSAINS JOURNAL is an open journal system published by LPPM Universitas Kebangsaan Bandung, which is a media for disseminating information from researchers and practitioners that includes research fields in Engineering Sciences and Social Humaniora

Engineering Sciences from the following subject areas: Architecture & Urban Design, Chemical Engineering,  Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Manufacturing Processes, Sistem Informasi, Software engineering, network engineering, machine learning, e-gov&e-business, serta Digital library. Communication science, physical, biological, chemical and mathematical sciences. Social Humaniora from the following subject areas: Linguistics, Literature, philosophy, psychology, cultural studies, Law, education, Instruction, teaching and training, guidance and counseling, learning studies. Financial Accounting, Public Sector Accounting, Management Accounting, Sharia Accounting and Financial Management, Corporate Governance, Behavioral Accounting (Including Ethics and Professionalism), Accounting (Ethics) Education, Capital Markets and Investments, Accounting for Banking and insurance, Accounting Information Systems, Sustainability Reporting, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Financial Behavioral. This journal is published three times in January, May, September of the year by LPPM Universitas Kebangsaan Bandung.

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